I am Kathé (काठे) a tinkerer, an engineer, and a software programmer from Mumbai, India.

Born in a Marathi speaking Indian Hindu family of the Somavaunshiya Kshatriya Paathaare clan of native Bombayites, I bear Chitaapaavan Konkanastha Brahmin lineage on my mother’s side.

Tinkering came naturally to me which my parents nurtured by gifting me Meccano sets instead of dumb toy planes and cars during my childhood. The exposure to building meaningful physical artefacts kindled a desire to study engieering and I went on to acquire an Engineering Diploma in Fabrication Technology from Fr Agnel’s Polytechnic.

My interest in software programming was the result of being exposed to the craft as a 15 year old while at St John’s High School. The exhilarating experience of creating something tangible out of a bunch of abstractions far removed from physical limitations was so overwhelming that I went on to acquire a Professional Diploma in Network Centered Computing.

I spent over 30 years programming computers for fun and as a means to earn my livelihood, beginning my career with Mumbai-based Larsen & Toubro Ltd, followed by a string of start-up companies in Mumbai; Tisya (now defunct), Pinstorm, Cleartrip and Ticketvala (acquired by MakeMyTrip).

My first boss had difficulty pronouncing my first name and prefered instead to address me by my surname; Kathé, and that has stuck, hence the domain name.

You can contact me on mayuresh@kathe.in and I'll write back at the earliest.