Mayuresh Kathe’s Personal Website

My name is Mayuresh Kathe, and this is my personal site on the Web.

Though my first name is Mayuresh, I have been addressed by my last name; Kathe, throughout most of my professional life, hence the URL of this site is such.

I was born in a Marathi-speaking, Maharashtrian lower-middle-class household in the western suburbs of Bombay and have had to struggle hard to overcome cultural obstacles to succeed in life.

I am a Somavaunshiya Kshatriya Pathare on my father’s side, bearing roots in Uran (Dronagiri) and Girgaon (Bombay city) while on my mother’s side I am a Chitapavan Konkanastha Brahmin, bearing roots in Basni (Ratnagiri) and an unknown region in ancient Greece.

You can contact me on and I'll write back to you at the earliest.

Wish you a long and prosperous existence.

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