Mayuresh Kathe’s Personal Website

I am Mayuresh Kathe, and this is my personal site on the Web.

I was born in a Marathi-speaking, Maharashtrian lower-middle-class household in the western suburbs of Bombay and have had to struggle hard to overcome social obstacles to succeed in life.

I am a Somavaunshiya Kshatriya Pathare on my father’s side, bearing roots in Uran (Dronagiri) and Girgaon (Bombay city) while on my mother’s side I am a Chitapavan Konkanastha Brahmin, bearing roots in Basni (Ratnagiri).

Though a Fabrication Engineer by vocation I have spent over 30 years programming computers for fun and as a means to earn my livelihood.

Of note, I successfully completed a gruelling 3-hour long examination to achieve the level of black-belt in the Korean martial-art of Taekwondo at the age of 17, and have faced the Kobayashi-maru (mythical-Vulcan no-win scenario) in real-life getting destroyed in the prcess only to re-emerge as a stronger person.

You can write to me on, open an issue via GitHub or write-in a tweet (directed at the accounts mentioned below) and I'll respond at the earliest.

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