I’m Kathe from the city of Mumbai, India. I was born here, have lived here most of my life, and I’ll probably die here, this city is too comfortable to leave.

On my paternal side, I am from the “Somavaunshiya Kshatriya Paathaare” clan with roots in Uran (Dronagiri) and Girgaon (Mumbai City), and on my maternal side, I am from the “Chitapaavan Konkanastha Brahmin” clan with roots in Basni (Ratnagiri).

Though by vocation I’m a Fabrication Engineer, I’ve been working in the field of software since 1996, initially developing management information systems for the HRD of Group II Unit Equipment at Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Powai (Mumbai), and later in management positions for various startup organizations targetting the Web as a medium for deployment of their services. Of all the startup organizations I’ve worked for, those of renown are; Pinstorm, Cleartrip, Ticketvala and Rang7.

I wish all good beings a long life of prosperity.